In hams Juan del Valle we know the value of the traditional elaboration of our products and their healing in natural cellars. The winery is located taking advantage of an enclave of pure and clean climate, where only environmental enzymes and natural flora can develop. Only these conditions with a prolonged and calm repose in our cellars, provide our hams and shoulders the aroma, unique flavor and exquisite texture.

The dehesa of the Sierra Norte, located in the north of the province of Córdoba, is a privileged environment both for raising the pig and for curing the products that come from this animal. Our meadow is a natural Mediterranean paradise with enormous biodiversity. Its quantity of century-old holm oaks and its thick mantle of grass ensure the correct feeding of the pigs of our cabin. In addition, the dehesa provides a perfect microclimate for the healing of all our hams and shoulders in natural winery, just as we do in Juan del Valle.