1.- Purpose of the web

The present general conditions of use of the services offered in the URL http://www.juandelvalle.es, (hereinafter WEB), are subscribed by the Company Juan del Valle Pineda, S.L. hereinafter THE COMPANY), and on the other hand, by the USER.

The COMPANY., Is the owner of said URL, and its registered office is at Ctra. Del Viso, s / n., Of HINOJOSA DEL DUQUE (Córdoba), Spain, with C.I.F. No. B-14259055.

The COMPANY is a commercial entity whose main activity consists of CENAE 1013 (ELABORATION OF MEAT PRODUCTS AND VOLATERIA).

The COMPANY enables the USERS access and use of the various services and content, by making available to the USER, information (hereinafter referred to as Content) through its website, which may be provided by THE COMPANY, as well as by third parties and / or legal.

The USER who accesses the website of THE COMPANY, knows and accepts the general conditions contained herein, of each of the versions offered on the website, and the modifications that may occur, the users must periodically access them to your knowledge.

2.- Access to the web

The access of the USERS to the web does not imply any obligation or guarantee on the part of THE COMPANY.

The COMPANY reserves the right to suspend and cancel access, and modify, limit or cancel all or any of the terms and conditions applicable to the web site, making the advance notice by entering a pop-up window, which will open automatically upon accessing the page. The quality and speed with which the website is accessed will not be the responsibility of the COMPANY, and no compensation for damages may be claimed by the user.

The service provided by THE COMPANY through its website is for an indefinite period, and may at any time cease the provision of this service without cause or justified reason and without prior notice.

The COMPANY will not be responsible for any anomaly, malfunction, deterioration, deletion of data or software that occurs in the users’ computers or systems, as a direct or indirect consequence of the access or attempt to access its website.

3.- Content of the web

The language used by THE COMPANY on the web will be Spanish, without prejudice to using other languages, both national and regional, freely and without prior notice. The COMPANY is not responsible for the lack of understanding or understanding of the language of the website by the user, or its consequences.

The COMPANY may modify the contents without prior notice, as well as delete and change these within the web, not being responsible for the consequences that may affect users.

Any use of the website or its contents must be exclusively private. It is reserved exclusively to THE COMPANY, any other use that involves the copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, of all or part of the contents of the web page, as well as of the same, for which No user may carry out these actions without the prior written authorization of THE COMPANY.

It is prohibited to use, in part or in its entirety, the contents, to promote, sell, hire or disseminate advertising or information of their own or of third parties without the authorization of THE COMPANY, or send advertising or information using the services or Information that is made available to users, regardless of whether the use of these is free or not.

The trademark or trade names can not be used, as well as any other identifying sign that is subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, without the prior express written authorization of its owner.

The hyperlinks that incorporate addresses to this website may not manifest, directly or indirectly, false, inaccurate or confusing, and only access the pages can not copy or reproduce totally or partially these, or engage in unfair or unlawful actions against of THE COMPANY.

The COMPANY is not responsible for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks that are incorporated into your website to other websites. It does not guarantee the usefulness of the web regarding its links to other websites, nor is it responsible for the contents or services to which the user may access through these links, nor for the proper functioning of these.

The COMPANY shall not be liable for viruses or other computer programs that deteriorate or may damage the computer systems or equipment of users when accessing its website or other websites that have been accessed through links on the website of THE COMPANY.

4.- Users of the web

Users who access the website of THE COMPANY, will do so in accordance with the law, morality, good customs and public order, and are obliged at all times not to access the website and content in a manner contrary to the established and / or for illicit purposes, damaging rights and freedoms of third parties, or that may damage, deteriorate, saturate or slow down the web, to the detriment of THE COMPANY or third-party users. The users will not copy, distribute, disseminate, transform, modify or manipulate the contents.

The COMPANY does not have on its website products or services available to users where they can enter any type of content or information, such as newsgroups, Chat, personal websites or others of a similar nature. However, the COMPANY does have an e-mail service available to its users on its website in order for them to get in touch, so they commit to using this e-mail service in accordance with the law. uses and customs and public order. Users, in the use of products and services where they provide information or content, will not attempt against fundamental rights and public liberties, will not incite or promote manifestations or criminal, xenophobic, terrorist or degrading acts based on sex, race, religion , beliefs, or disseminate pornographic content or services, nor advocate violence.

Access to the contents of the website by the user, will be under your full responsibility and can not affect the COMPANY any consequence directly or indirectly derived from access to the web, whether physical, logical, moral or personal. The COMPANY may hold users liable for any misuse of the website, causing damages to third parties.

The COMPANY may be directed against users on all claims, compensation, fines or administrative sanctions that fall on it and are direct or indirect responsibility or use any service on the web without due diligence.

All users who know of any action that is deteriorating or may deteriorate the proper functioning of the website, modify or alter the contents of this, will communicate this situation to THE COMPANY.

In the cases of advertising sending by the COMPANY to the USERS, it will be sent with the word “advertising” in order not to mislead.

5.- Minors

Minors must request and obtain the permission of their parents, guardian or legal representative before they can access the services and / or contents that are incorporated into the web. Access and use of the portal to unauthorized minors is prohibited.

6.- Privacy Policy

For the purposes of the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of personal data, RD informs the user of the existence of an automated personal data file created by and for THE COMPANY Juan del Valle Pineda, SLy under its responsibility, in order to perform the maintenance and management of the relationship with the user, as well as the work of information, training and marketing of the service and the activities related to them.

7.- Jurisdiction

These conditions are subject to current Spanish legislation. For any type of dispute arising from the use of the services offered or the contents of the web, the parties, with the acceptance of these Conditions, will submit to the Courts and Courts of Córdoba (Spain).